Paediatric Dermatology

Children are very vulnerable in many ways and their skin conditions may need paediatric dermatology. Infants and young children can often have very sensitive skin. They are usually more prone to skin condition and infections than their older counterparts. When we think of dermatology, children are not the first people we think of as potential patients. When in fact, children suffer from skin conditions too. Different conditions that might affect children's skin include diaper rash, dermatitis, warts and acne.

A paediatric dermatologist focuses on treating children from infancy through to the age of 13. Most dermatologists like Dr Ayanda Motau treat a variety of patients regardless of age and will have special treatments formulated for the little ones. It is well known that children have unique healthcare needs which involve a fun and comfortable environment for them. Dr Ayanda Motau has worked with children many times, and is equipped to treat your young ones in-house without scaring them away.

Which skin conditions can a paediatric dermatologist treat?

Dermatologists are specialist doctors with an MBChB degree, so they are able to treat skin conditions, children included. They understand human biology and how the body functions and when it malfunctions, which manifests as disease. The doctor will often discuss your child’s diagnosis and the decisions regarding available treatments for your child.

These are some of the conditions that Dr Ayanda Motau can treat:

  • Allergy-related skin conditions.
  • Inherited skin diseases.
  • Blood vessel lesions and growths.
  • Viral, fungal and bacterial infections.
  • Acne.
  • Problematic birthmarks.

Some skin treatments for children:

  • Skin surgery and repair.
  • Comprehensive patch testing for skin allergies.
  • Topical and systemic therapies for skin disease.
  • Cryotherapy.
  • Phototherapy.

It can be dreadful just imagining a child going through any kind of medical treatment or procedure. The worst part is thinking about your child possibly going through pain and discomfort. Dr Ayanda Motau is there to provide support and understanding for both your and your child. The treatment is designed to help your child for the better.