Nail Disorders

Different things can cause nail disorders. The most common causes are nail fungus, infections and structural problems such as ingrown nails. It is vital that you know how to cut your nails properly to avoid expensive complications. The health of your nails is a part of your overall health and should not be neglected.

There are nail irregularities, diseases and disorders that only a trained dermatologist will be able to diagnose and treat. The nail unit is made up of the nail plate and the surrounding structures. Nail infections or disorders affect not only the nail but the surrounding structures such as your cuticles. During a nail examination all of these structures are assessed.

Nail disorder in children

Some nail diseases may be congenital or hereditary, and signs are present at birth or may be acquired and appear later in the child’s life. Children can have nail disorders; nail diseases in children are treated differently in approach, diagnosis and management compared to adult patients.

Specific abnormalities may be lifelong once acquired, but the way the disorder develops over time varies. It could worsen, or it may improve throughout the child's life. This important thing is to pay attention to suspicious signs and symptoms. If you or your child have complications with your nails, consult with your dermatologist to avoid further problems.

Some common nail irregularities, diseases and disorders:

  • Paronychia
  • Pseudomonas
  • A fungal or yeast infection
  • Tinea Unguis
  • Pterygium

Any change in the nail plate could be a cause for concern and a reason to call your dermatologist. Be it a nail haemorrhage, change in colour or texture, seek the diagnosis and knowledgeable dermatologist for the sake of your nail health. Dr Ayanda Motau, has help patients with nail diseases find the best treatments.